Labor insertion of alumni

The Inditex-UDC Chair of Sustainability appreciates the support and collaboration provided by all alumni who have actively contributed to the construction of this project since its creation in 2011. At present, the alumni of this Chair carry out social responsibility, social innovation or sustainability functions in organizations such as: Industria de Diseño Textil, SA; EVO Bank; G’s; Help in Action; UDC; Real Club Deportivo of La Coruña, S.A.D .; or Abanca, among others. We extend our gratitude to the entities that have requested the collaboration of the Inditex-UDC Chair to incorporate alumni in their selection processes: Industria de Diseño Textil, S.A .; Deloitte, S.L .; Galega de Economía Social, S.L .; or Abanca.


Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Promotion. Courses 2019-20. 2020-21. 2021-22


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