Renowned experts in the professional and academic fields will be in charge of the training activities of the Course. The panel of invited professors and lecturers, mostly made up of professionals belonging to organizations with outstanding international activity, covers not only the three sectors -public, business and non-profit- but also a range of different industries. Among the invited professors who have been collaborating in the framework of the training offer of the Inditex-UDC Chair of Sustainability, are included the following:

Antonio Abril Abadín
President of the Social Council of the University of A Coruña (UDC). General Secretary of the Board and Director of Compliance at INDITEX

Antonio Álvarez Sánchez
Manager of the Sustainability Department at INDITEX

Manuel Areán Lalín
Professor of Commercial Law at the University of A Coruña (UDC) and General Secretary and of the Boards of La Voz de Galicia Corporation

Anxo Calvo Silvosa
Full professor in the Financial Economics and Accounting area at the University of A Coruña (UDC)

Ángel Carracedo Álvarez
Professor of Medicine at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and Director of the Institute of Legal Medicine

Tomás Conde Salazar
Senior advisor at Llorente & Cuenca and AERI Spanish Association of Investor Relations in ESG, and ex-Director of Sustainability at BBVA

Marta de la Cuesta González
Director of the Telefónica Chair of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Telefónica-UNED and member of the State Council of CSR

Nazareth Echart Orús
Director of the Cabinet of the Delegate of the Department of Economy, Finance and Public Administration of the City Council of Madrid and Associate Professor of the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM)

Martín Fernández Prado
Professor of Architecture at University of A Coruña, and ex-councilor of Urbanism, Housing and Rehabilitation, Infrastructures and Public Services of the City Council of A Coruña

María Jesús Freire Seoane
Full Professor of the School of Economics and Business and Director of the Occupational Observatory at University of A Coruña

Jose Manuel Fresno
Founder and Manager at “Fresno Consulting, the right link”

Antonio García Allut
President of the Lonxanet Foundation and Professor at University of A Coruña

Ricardo García Mira
Full professor of Social Psychology, specialized in Environmental Psychology, from the University of A Coruña and Coordinator of the Person-Environment Research Group

Ignacio Gil-Casares
President at Spencer Stuart Spain

Pilar Gonzalo Prieto
Director of the Forum of Culture and Good Practices in Spain, and cultural manager of digital projects at the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum

Germán Granda
General Manager of FORÉTICA

Mercedes Gutiérrez Álvarez
Global Manager of People and Communities at IKEA

Rosa Gutiérrez Mougán
Manager of Innovation and Processes at Galega de Economía Social

José Antonio Jiménez Corpa
Manager of the Department of Sustainability and Climate Change of the Risk Services Division of Products and Services at DELOITTE

Xavier Labandeira Villot
Full professor of Applied Economics at University of Vigo and Director of Economics for Energy Centre

Guillermo Lamelas Nogueira
Head of Business Acceleration Wayra-Telefónica

Alberto Lavín Fernández
Independent consultant and associate professor at IE Business School

María López Escorial
Independent consultant specialized in social innovation, markets of the base of the pyramid and business solutions to combat poverty. She is also a professor at IE Business School and president at the Compromiso y Transparencia Foundation.

Enrique Maciñeira Alonso
Head of Port Planning and Strategy Area of the Port of A Coruña and Associate Professor of the School of Civil Engineering at University of A Coruña

Javier Martín Cavanna
Manager and founder of the Compromiso y Transparencia Foundation and editor of the magazine Compromiso Empresarial. Associate Professor at IE Business School in the area of CSR

Juan Luis Martínez
Associate Professor at IE Business School

Andrés Martínez Fernández
Professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University and director at EHAS Foundation

Santiago Martínez-Lage Sobredo
Vice-secretary of the Board of INDITEX

Jose Carlos Méndez Vázquez
Coordinator of communication and corporate reputation at EVO Banco

Ana Millán Chapado
Manager of Accenture Foundation

Diego Moñux Chércoles
Founder and managing partner at Science & innovation Link Office (SILO)

Begoña Morales Blanco-Steger
Associate professor at IE Business School and ex-manager at Indra’s Solutions for Sustainability unit

Carlos Piñeiro Aneiros
Responsible for the social action area within the Corporate Social Responsibility Department at INDITEX

Jerónimo Puertas Agudo
Full professor of Hydraulic Engineering of the Higher Technical School of Civil Engineering, and Knowledge transfer assistant of the Vice-rector for Research and Transfer at University of A Coruña

Elías Rodríguez Toral
Head of the Research Management Department of the CIMA at University of Navarra

Sebastián Royo Medina
Professor of Political Science in the Department of Government and Vice-rector at Suffolk University

María José Sanzo Pérez
Professor of Marketing and Market Research at University of Oviedo

Tomás Sercovich
Manager of Communication and Institutional Relations at FORÉTICA

Carina Szpilka
Independent counselor at Abanca and Grifols, member of the Advisory board of Reparalia and founder at K Fund

Esther Trujillo Giménez
Independent expert in Social Responsibility, ethics, communication strategy and organizational relations, and founder at PlanBET Strategies

Ricard Valls Riera

Partner-Manager at Zohar Consulting & Social Marketing

Joaquín Varela Rivera
Regional Coordinator in Galicia at the Spanish Red Cross

Borja Vega Conal
Responsible for strategic alliances at Ayuda en Acción Foundation

Alfred Vernis Domènech
Academic Director of Sustainability at INDITEX. Senior researcher and co-founder of the Social Innovation Institute at ESADE.

Javier Zamora López
Professor of the IESE Business School and Co-founder at InQBarna

Alejandro Sarmiento González
Assistant to the head of Product Health and Safety at INDITEX

Fernando Riaño Riaño
Director at CSR, Communication and Institutional Relations of ILUNION, ONCE group and its Foundation

Indalecio Pérez Díaz
Responsible for the Compliance Area of the Sustainability Department at INDITEX

Isidor Boix Lluch
Responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility at the International Secretariat of the Federation “CCOO of Industry”

Joan Antoni Melé Cartañá
Member of the Advisory Board of Triodos Bank and founder of the company “Taller de Conciencia”

María Carmen López Gómez
Director of Galicia Open Future, a program to support innovation and entrepreneurship of Telefónica

María Teresa Gutiérrez Rosello
General Manager at Galega de Economía Social

Víctor Viñuales Edo
Director at Ecología y Desarrollo Foundation (ECODES)

Jaime Silos Leal
Director of Corporate Development at Forética

Borja Monreal Gainza
Founder and co-director of SIC4Change (www.sic4change.org), and he collaborates as a Research Officer with SOAS University of London

Inés García-Pintos Balbás
Responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility and innovation at Cecabank

Cristina Moral Zarrabeitia
Manager of Corporate Responsibility at Ferrovial

Germán García Ibáñez
Manager in the Environmental Sustainability Area at Inditex specialized in ecodesign

Adela Sobaler Díez

Senior in the Risk Area and team leader of several projects developed from the Sustainability and CSR service at Deloitte Spain

Elena Valderrábano Vázquez
Global Director of Corporate Ethics and Sustainability at Telefónica

Clara Bazán Cea
Director of Social Responsibility and Reputation at MAPFRE

Lucía Velasco
Director of the Area of Studies and Social Innovation at Tomillo Foundation

Miguel Castro
Global Director of Culture and Identity at SAP SE

Ana Callol García
Manager of Corporate Responsibility at Coca-Cola Iberian Partners

Juan Iglesias Martínez
Director of the Chair of Refugees and Forced Migrants at University of Comillas

Helena Redondo
Partner member of the Risk Advisory area of Deloitte Spain, and member at the Deloitte Worldwide Executive Committee for Sustainability

Bernardo García Izquierdo
International senior consultant, and founding member and vice-president at the Spanish Association for the Measurement of Social Impact (ESIMPACT)

Jerónimo Payán Prieto
Tax Manager for Europe and Digital at Telefónica

Manuel Aguilar López
President of the Provincial Board of A Coruña at the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) and Managing Director at EMALCSA Foundation

Julia Moreno Fraile
Senior Manager of Sustainability and CSR at FORETICA

María Fernández Sabau
Independent advisor specialized in advocacy, strategic development and policy creation

Antoni Bruel
General Coordinator at the Spanish Red Cross

María Morell Camacho
Social sustainability area of the supply chain at INDITEX

Sonia Martínez Arca
Founder and CEO at Sigillum Knowledge Solutions

Beatriz Sánchez Guitián
General manager at Más Humano Foundation, cofounder and Vice President of EJE & CON Spanish Association of Executives and Board Members, and Board of Directors with extensive experience in the entire value chain of companies from technological sector, national and international

Javier Gavilanes
Head of the International Technical Assistance of the ADELANTE Program (European Commission) / General Direction of International Cooperation and Development (DG-DEVCO) for the promotion of South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean

Rosa Castizo Robles
Manager of the Iberoamerican Observatory of Sustainable Development and Climate Change of La Rábida and founder of FRENA LA CURVA MAPS

Vicente Montes Gan
Manager of Rafael Del Pino Foundation

David Fernández Manzanos
Senior Manager Sustainability Services at KPMG Australia

María José Gálvez
Sustainability Manager of Bankia and Vice President of Spainsif (Spanish Sustainable Investment Forum)

Inés Ruiz de Arana
Sustainability Manager of Gestamp