To complete the pre-registration process in the Course of Specialization in Sustainability and Social Innovation (2022-2023), you must follow the following steps:

1.- Consult the details of the selection and admission process in the Course of Specialization in Sustainability and Social Innovation.

2.- Access to the online pre-registration platform.

If you are a new user, you must register on the online pre-registration platform by following the steps outlined below:

Fill in your personal information and contact information. Once this step is completed, an email will be sent to validate your registration.

Once validated your user account will be activated and you can proceed to complete the pre-registration form. Once the required information and the necessary attached documentation are completed, your pre-registration process will have finished.

Once the requests have been submitted, a process of assessment and pre-selection will begin. See the following link to obtain more information.

* You can fill in your pre-registration in the phases you need. An email will remind you that your registration form is incomplete close to the end of the pre-registration period.



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