To complete the pre-registration process in the Postgraduate Course in Sustainability and Social Innovation (2024-2025), you must follow the following steps:

1.- Consult the details of the selection and admission process in the Postgraduate Course in Sustainability and Social Innovation.

2.- Access to the online pre-registration platform.

Once you access the UDC online pre-registration platform, follow the steps detailed below:

Press the “Matrícula online” button and select the access mode depending on whether you have been a student at the UDC in the past or not.

If you have not previously studied at the UDC, you must create a user account. To do this, please select the access mode: “ACCESO ON-LINE OTROS ALUMNOS”, indicate that you do not have a user and follow the instructions for the user registration request: “Solicitud de registro de usuario”. A temporary user identification number will be indicated, this that must be saved to access the system again.

When validated, your user account will be activated, and you will be able to complete the pre-registration form. After the required information and necessary accompanying documentation are completed, your pre-registration process will be complete.

Once the applications have been submitted, the evaluation and pre-selection process will begin. See the following link for more information.



Technical Secretary of Inditex-UDC Chair of Sustainability

Violeta Bouzada
Tel: 881 01 44 07
Customer service hours:
From Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.