Selection process and admission


Completion of an official university Bachelor’s Degree or License in accordance with the regulation of UDC’s own studies, approved in the session of the Government Council of 12/20/2022, available at:

Admission process

1. Pre-registration: October 5 to November 19, 2023.

It will be done through the intranet of this website.

2. Pre-selection and interviews: November/December 2023.

Note: Those admitted students, who will be notified via email, must present the originals of the attached documentation before formally registering.

3. Registration: December 14 to December 19, 2023.

Criteria for selection

The selection criteria respond to the highly specialized, participative and intensive nature of the training program offered in terms of its face-to-face component; and also to the demands of non-face-to-face work, which will require the dedication of the students, both as a team and individually, for the directed discussion of case studies, the preparation of the compulsory and recommended readings and the elaboration of the final project.

In view of such requirements, the selection criteria are the following:

  • Academic excellence, assessed based on the average grade of the academic record (40%).
  • Certified knowledge of English as the working language (20%).
  • Professional excellence and academic motivation, assessed based on the Curriculum Vitae and, when appropriate, from the interview with the postgraduate management (40%).

Priority for enrollment will be granted to students who have an official university Bachelor’s degree or to those who are licensed under the EHEA.