Selection process and admission



  • To have a university degree of short or long cycle.
  • To have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Having passed the credits of the first cycle of the two cycle degrees.
  • Proof of having passed 180 credits of a university degree studies when these included all the common contents of the degree. In this case the admission must be approved by rectoral resolution, after the individual and reasoned request from the interested person and a binding report of the Governing Council that may delegate this competence of report in another body.
  • To possess a UDC degree of first or second cycle.
  • The students of the current university degrees who do not miss more than 30 LRU credits (300 teaching hours) to obtain the degree. In this case, in order to obtain the title of expert or university specialist, you must possess the qualification of a graduate before finishing the specialization course.

Admission process

1. Pre-registration: September 29 to November 11, 2022.

It will be done through the intranet of this website.

2. Pre-selection and interviews: November/December 2022

Note: Those admitted students, who will be notified via email, must present the originals of the attached documentation before formally registering.

3. Registration: December 15 to December 21, 2022.

Selection criteria

The selection criteria respond to the highly specialized, participative and intensive nature of the training program offered in terms of its face-to-face component; and also to the demands of non-face-to-face work, which will require the dedication of the students, both as a team and individually, for the directed discussion of case studies, the preparation of the compulsory and recommended readings and the elaboration of the final project.

In view of such requirements, the selection criteria are the following:

  • Academic excellence valued from the average grade of the academic record.
  • Professional experience (in firms, universities, non-profit organizations or public administrations) valued through the curriculum vitae.
  • Certified knowledge of English as a working language.
  • Interview with the academic direction of the Course.