Service-learning projects CERIS 2016/2017

Service-learning projects CERIS 2016/2017


“Financial education program for university students”

Design a financial education program with objectives, themes and specific actions aimed at the young university students’ group and, in particular, their needs related to entrepreneurship and social innovation.


Fresco y del Mar

“Viability plan for a social enterprise”

Preparation of a viability plan, including a set of objectives and specific actions to ensure the sustainable growth of Fresco y del Mar.


Galega de Economía Social

“Generation of strategic alliances between social enterprises and large firms”

Preparation of an action plan, including a set of objectives, themes and specific actions for GES to develop strategic alliances with large firms operating in Galicia.


“How to facilitate energy efficiency at home”

Preparation of a three-year action plan, including concrete, innovative and feasible proposals, to position IKEA A Coruña as a facilitator of an energy-efficient life at homes of consumers in its area of influence.


Universidade da Coruña

“Table of indicators and criteria of social responsibility reporting of the UDC”

Design a scoreboard to measure the performance of the UDC in terms of Social Responsibility, proposing a set of criteria for the UDC to report its performance.