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As much ethically as strategically, the concept and principles of Social Responsibility are becoming increasingly pervasive throughout the operations of companies and institutions both public and private towards achieving the goals which support its existence.

From a strategic standpoint, CSR principles and techniques have proved useful for various types of social organizations to generate social and economic value, as demonstrated by the notable increase in many organizations’ abilities to innovate, manage risk, and improve relations with society at large.

Universities, as institutions committed to social, economic, and cultural progress, naturally cannot ignore this trend. That is why in 2010 Inditex and the University of A Coruña (UDC) entered into a collaboration agreement whereby both institutions undertook to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility model at UDC, committing to launching initiatives designed to improve the strategy of UDC in the field of CSR and to bring this issue closer to the university students, faculty and staff and to the society at large, through lifelong learning, applied research, and the effective implementation of that research.

The Inditex –UDC Chair of Social Responsibility is one of the most relevant results of this strategy. It is a perfect example of the potential of cooperation between the university and the business sector. Born thanks to and under the coordination of the UDC´s Consello Social [Social Counci], the Inditex–UDC Chair of Social Responsibility is conceived as a space for thinking about, teaching about, and conducting applied research on the different aspects of CSR in public life, academia, business, and nonprofits.

Ficha técnica del Curso de Especialización en Sostenibilidad e Innovación Social (CESIS) de la Cátedra Inditex-UDC

Horas totales de formación certificada
625 horas [25 ECTS] [1 ECTS = 25 horas]
Sesiones presenciales
Enero de 2019 - Mayo de 2019
Miércoles y jueves, de 16.00h a 19.30h (algún día puntual hasta las 21.00h, por realización de talleres prácticos o tutorías).
Título al que conduce
Experto Universitario en Sostenibilidad e Innovación Social
Número de alumnos
mínimo 15 – máximo 40
600 €
Admisión definitiva
La admisión en el Curso de Especialización en Sostenibilidad e Innovación Social será definitiva una vez la Unidad de Estudios Propios de Posgrado haya verificado e informado favorablemente la solicitud y la documentación aportada por el solicitante.
Lugar de realización
Facultad de Economía y Empresa, Universidade da Coruña, Campus de Elviña s/n – 15071 A Coruña.
Entidades colaboradoras
Cátedra Inditex-UDC de Sostenibilidad y Consello Social de la UDC.
Dirección académica
Marta Rey García, directora de la Cátedra Inditex-UDC de Sostenibilidad.

Nota: La realización de este Curso de especialización está sujeta a la renovación del mismo por parte del Consejo de Gobierno de la UDC.